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Weekend getaways are the best type of travel. After a packed week filled with work, appointments, assignments and sometimes reports, it’s that time of the week to reward yourself with a full and relaxing weekend by taking a weekend trip.

Personally, random weekend getaways are one of my favorite trips, from all the exhaustion and “real life challenges” of work, it’s time to get away from it all and just enjoy a weekend!

Your perfect weekend getaway could be in a new city, country, or even your hometown, and you just can’t get enough of it. No matter where or why you’re planning a weekend getaway, it’s important to know exactly what to bring.

As a traveler who works Monday to Friday, the best time to travel is weekends or public holidays. This means the best way to maximize your time is to head straight from the office on Friday night and go home on Sunday night in order to catch work on Monday morning! It might seem stressful, but it can be fun, and who wouldn’t want to get away from work and normal life on the weekends?

Unlike other long-distance trips, a weekend getaway should be easy to pack, unless you’re an over-packer! I always pack for weekend trips at the last minute because I know I don’t need too many things, but a few things.

If you’re someone who overpacks, check out these tips for traveling light. This post is full of hacks that will take you from an over-packer to a light-packer – and I know I did.

So, here’s the ultimate weekend trip packing list – but before that, let’s take a look at some things to consider before packing for the weekend.

Things to Consider Before Packing for a Weekend Trip

Before you start thinking about what to pack for the weekend, there are a few factors you should consider.


The weather in the places you plan to visit will determine what should be on your weekend getaway checklist. The clothes to pack for winter will be completely different than for summer.

So before you pack for your weekend getaway, find out about the weekend weather you plan to travel to know exactly what to pack.

activities to do

Different activities require different clothing and different travel gear, so check the activities you’ll be doing during your weekend trip to make sure what’s on your excursion packing list.

If you’re going to the beach, you should pack things like swimwear or beachwear, but if you’re going hiking, then you might want to consider proper hiking gear.

Items provided by the hotel/hostel where you will be staying

Before you pack for a weekend trip, find out what your hostel/hotel offers so you don’t have to pack. It doesn’t make sense to package what will be provided. Some hotels provide toiletries and towels – so might want to skip those.

Remember, the key is to pack what you actually use, not what you might need.

Weekend Travel Packing List: What to Pack for a Weekend Trip

Weekend Packing List: The Right Day Pack/Bag

Before you start packing, you need to know where to pack all your weekend essentials, and the right large day pack or duffel bag will be perfect.

You don’t need a huge suitcase or backpack for the weekend, a sizable one will be able to hold all your weekend travel essentials. No? Here are some great weekend away bags to consider.

Osprey Day Plus Backpack

Whether it’s a road trip to a nearby city , or a weekend getaway in another country, I prefer to use a day pack. I love the Osprey Day Lite Plus Backpack because it’s light enough to fit all my weekend travel essentials and durable.

The availability of a water bottle holder means that I can travel with a reusable travel water bottle for sightseeing to minimize the use of single-use plastic.

You can also easily take it around or even use it as a carry-on bag. Great for backpackers.

Canvas and Leather Duffle Bag

I know I’m always gushing about the Osprey day pack, but not everyone likes backpacks, some travelers just want to stay stylish and stylish, and if that’s you, then the canvas leather duffel bag is for you .

It’s sized to hold everything you need for a weekend trip, and it also has a side compartment that’s perfect for your shoes if you don’t want to mix everything up in the main shoe. Did I mention it comes with a free toilet bag, this bag is a real weekend deal.

In addition to being stylish and cute, its leather skin promises durability, meaning you’ll be taking it on many weekend trips.

Weekend packing list: what to wear

down jacket

As a traveler, you have to be prepared for all weather conditions, which is why down jackets should be on your weekend travel packing list.

Comfortable walking shoes I don’t keep my Nikes even if I’m just packing for a weekend trip! They are comfortable to walk in and they add a sense of style when I wear them.

Since this is just a weekend trip, it’s not ideal to bring a lot of shoes, which is why it’s important to bring a pair of shoes that you don’t mind wearing all the time. Running shoes are great for this.

On top of the sneakers, I never leave my flip-flops. Yes, I’m a budget traveler and hotels are my thing, so I always pack a pair of these flip-flops to use in a shared bathroom, or just to switch into closed walking shoes after a long day.


When packing for a weekend getaway, I recommend bringing a maximum of 2 pairs of bottoms, but if you can use a pair, that’s great and actually works. Some bottoms for a weekend getaway are;


I’m a huge fan of jeans more than any type of dress. They’re so comfortable, easy to walk in, and you never have to worry about whether or not it’s the right size for the area you’re visiting.

I especially love stretchy skinny jeans. They can be worn with any type of top and are super comfortable. I always go for darker colors like black or navy as any color top will go well with them.


Besides the jeans, I also brought a pair of leggings. These leggings are a must-have for any girl planning a weekend getaway. It’s comfy, warm, and high-waisted—there’s nothing like high-waisted leggings with pockets.

For men, a cool pair of jeans would work just fine, but I know most guys also like convertible outdoor pants.

If trousers aren’t your thing, you can substitute skirts for them, though I still vouch for trousers – they’re perfect for “recycling”.


When traveling for the weekend, I always carry more tops than bottoms because it’s hard to reuse tops. So for a weekend trip, 3 tops would be ideal.

  • 1 top for those special occasions or even nights out.
  • 1 casual day t-shirt.
  • 1 vest

And, 2 T-shirts of different brands and colors are perfect for men.

Pro Tip* Pack 1 top/shirt per day and pack 1 extra just in case. The same tip applies to underwear as well.

Although I think this should be more of a personal preference, I have some suggestions of my own.

  • 1 sports bra 
  • 1 bra
  • 4 panties/shorts
  • 2 pairs of socks


Some weekend getaways are all about soaking up the sun as you rock a beach body (yes, the beach gets whatever body you serve). So if you’re wondering what to pack for the weekend, swimwear is one of them.

  • 1 Bikinis are perfect for women’s weekend getaways. You can choose from this  2-piece bikini or this one-piece monokini.
  • 1 swim short is enough for men too.


Pajamas should also be on your weekend getaway packing list. Pack pajamas for your weekend trip so you don’t have to sleep in your day clothes. You can buy some of my favorite pajamas from here .

If your weekend trip is in winter, add these essentials to your weekend packing list.

Weekend packing list: Toiletries.

For a weekend away packing list, toiletries should be very minimal since you’ll only be traveling for a few days.

Here are some of the toiletries I recommend as must-haves for a weekend getaway.

  • Perfume/Spray
  • deodorant
  • If you plan to sleep in a hotel, bring some body wash. (skip this if you are going to sleep in a hotel)
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrush
  • Body Cream/ Lotion
  • wet wipes
  • sunscreen

Weekend packing list: electronics and gadgets

Even if it’s just a short break, there are some essentials that can’t be left behind. Yes, electronics are something of a weekend trip.

  • mobile power
  • Universal travel adapter:
  • camera:
  • Telephone:
  • Headphones / Earphones

Weekend Packing List: Entertaining

Whether it’s a weekend getaway abroad or just in a neighboring city, you should pack something to entertain yourself.

Some of the things I add to my weekend travel packing list to entertain myself are;

  • a book.
  • music on phone
  • Some board games, if I go on a road trip with friends .

That’s it for your weekend trip packing list. You don’t have to pack a lot. It can sometimes get carried away and pack so much stuff, even if the trip is only 2 days. So, after reading this article, I believe you now know exactly what to pack for your weekend getaway.

In a nutshell, the weekend travel essentials you need to pack are; clothes, toiletries, travel gadgets, and some entertainment and you will be ready to have a great weekend getaway.

NOTE* If you are looking for a 3-day packing list, this weekend packing list also works perfectly for 3 days without you missing a thing.

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