12 Best Places for Adventurers


how will you design your dream travel itinerary? Maybe you’re the kind of person who checks out every major monument and museum along the way. Maybe you prefer a leisurely stroll along the city streets, or maybe you’re itching to discover a beach or pool for some international relaxation.

Or, perhaps a great deal of activity, cultural immersionchance, and your daily adrenaline rush (or two or three). In this case, you might just be an adventurer.

Planning an adventure trip? Here are the top destinations to consider!

Adventure travel can encompass a wide range of experiences, and the best places for adventure travel can help you pack a range of heart-pounding, goosebump-inducing possibilities into your travels. In fact, anytime you push yourself to the limit, you are Embrace Adventure Travel.

For you, it might be dashing out of a plane, scaling the world’s tallest mountain, or swimming hand-to-fin with sharks. Even immersing yourself in the local language or connecting with nature can provide a meaningful adventure travel experience.

That means you can find opportunities for adventure almost anywhere. Choosing the first place to visit can be your hardest task yet!

12 Best Travel Spots for Adventure Seekers

If you’re debating where to go for an adventure trip, you can’t go wrong with any of these action-packed destinations :

1. Thailand

Grab your backpack and do a little island hopping in Thailand!

Put Thailand on your personal map if you are looking for one of the best adventure tours in the world. A wide variety of adventure opportunities exist in this tourist-friendly country, and whether you’re just getting into adventure travel or you’re a seasoned pro, Thailand is a great destination.

Beautiful beaches, stunning temples and bustling cities are just the beginning. Thailand attracts people who want to explore wildlife (and wild nightlife), sample delicious food, first-time surfing and backpackers who do more. You also can’t beat the affordability factor, making Thailand ideal for both short-term adventures and longer-term stays.

2. new Zealand

New Zealand is home to the adventure capital of the world for good reason (for the uninitiated, just Google Queenstown). You’ll have the opportunity to live out all your adventure travel dreams across the country. From glaciers to hot springs to snow-capped mountains, New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes make it a top adventure destination for travelers from around the globe.

Zorbing, bungee jumping, tightrope flying, jet boating – yes, the New Zealanders invented it all. Whether you’re after adventures on the water (think: whitewater rafting class 5 rapids) or on the ground (skydiving anyone?), New Zealand has something for you.

3. costa rica

Hike in Costa Rica and meet a jungle teeming with wildlife!

Famous for pura vida , aka pure, simple life, this country is also one of the best places for adventure travel. You’ll find adventure everywhere, whether it’s on the beach, in the dense jungle, or even high in the cloud forest, or in deep cave cave exploration.

Beat the waves, then lounge on the beach, or zipline above the cloud forest, taking in natural beauty while getting your adrenaline fix. You can even get more hardcore with bungee jumping and extreme hiking. Costa Ricans really know how to embrace this pura vida lifestyle, so if you want to enjoy life and earn some adventure points along the way, this Central American country is the place to be.

4. India

Known for its adventure and vast land, India attracts a lot of tourists. You can sign up for camel rides or skydiving, mountain trekking or water sports. India also one of the best places in the world for white water rafting, there’s no shortage of food tours, photo opportunities and an impressive variety of sights to keep things interesting.

For those looking for laid-back days and a top-notch adrenaline rush, there’s something here. You’ll find deserts in Rajasthan and beaches in Goa, not to mention bustling cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Love adventures in the mountains? Head to the Himalayas, or better yet, make time for a long adventure trip.

5. Australia

When it comes to adventure travel, Australia has it all!

diving? examine. Jungle hike? examine. snowboarding? Yes, you can do this in Australia too. With mountains, rainforests, the Outback, and even the Great Barrier Reef, the continent truly has something to offer and activities to please any adventurer.

Hundreds of thousands of species (you read that right) will have wildlife lovers ready to book their tickets. Australia is famously home to kangaroos and koalas, but you might also catch a glimpse of a cassowary, kookaburra or echidna. When it’s time to really get your adrenaline pumping, white water rafting, bungee jumping, or on Bondi Beach or Gold Coast, etc. Iconic spots to learn to surf should do the trick.

6. morocco

Morocco brings together cultural influences from Africa, Europe and the Middle East, making it a unique landscape for all travelers. This is especially true for the adventurers among us. Colorful souks, camel rides, mountain climbing and delicious food round off an essential itinerary for those who like to travel off the beaten track.

Put yourself in the Mediterranean or the Sahara. Maybe settle in for a homestay experience that’s perfect for honing your Arabic or French skills. Morocco offers a variety of ways to up your adventure game.

7. Switzerland

Enjoy some Swiss chocolate while skiing in the Alps.

If the thought of alpine adventure makes your heart beat faster, then you’ll want Switzerland on your list of destinations. Of course, this Central European crossroads country is known for its gourmet chocolates and luxurious spas. It’s also the place to enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the Alps—whether you’re hiking, skiing, or speeding through the mountains (unsurprisingly, Switzerland is a top skydiving destination).

From backpacking to snowboarding, paragliding to kayaking, there is an adventure for anyone in Switzerland. Book a country bike tour and backpack through the Alps for adventure.

8. Peru

Peru landed straight on the list of adventurers with Machu Picchu. This Inca citadel is both the stuff of legend and the perfect setting for a heart-pounding hike. However, you’ll find much more to explore in Peru. This diverse country has habits ranging from the tropical Amazon Basin rainforest to the peaks of the Andes to the arid plains of the Pacific coast.

Whether hiking, island hopping, Amazon Rainforest Tour, or whatever homestay experience you are after, you can find it all in Peru. Visit unique towns, learn about the folklore of the area, and enjoy the views from the Canopy Bridge. Machu Picchu is just the beginning of an amazing adventure.

9. Greece

Greece is the hub of choice for Mediterranean adventure travel.

Stunning landscapes and a plethora of adventure activities make Greece a top choice when you’re wondering where to go for an adventurous trip. On land, you will have various opportunities to hike, bike or climb mountains. At sea, try sailing or scuba diving.

Greece is even one of the best places in the Mediterranean for snorkeling, thanks to more than 9,000 islands and islets as well as teeming with loggerhead turtles and the Mediterranean underwater landscapes of parrotfish and other species. After a day of exciting activities, is it time to rest and recharge? Enjoy a different adventure as you stroll along the cobbled streets of a quaint village.

10. Nepal

Risky bragging rights are when you hop on a flight to Nepal. Home to Mount Everest (you know, the world’s tallest mountain), it’s actually the place to look for eight of the ten tallest mountains on Earth. In other words, extreme adventurers can find plenty of challenges here.

adventure in Nepal goes well beyond mountaineering, too. White water rafting, biking and paragliding, all set against a backdrop of hospitable people and mouthwatering food, make for an unforgettable adventure. Sign up to volunteer, go bird-watching, or embark on the trek of a lifetime in Nepal.

11. Iceland

Between the Northern Lights and magnificent waterfalls, Iceland will take your breath away.

Iceland’s unique geography makes this island nation an adventure traveler’s dream. Gorgeous glaciers, stunning waterfalls and active volcanoes (after all, the country sits on a mid-Atlantic ridge as well as hotspots) mean outdoor activities abound in the dramatic and diverse Icelandic landscape.

DIY adventurers can’t go wrong renting a car and traveling along the Beltway. You can also soak in natural hot springs, hike through lava forests, or snorkel in cracks where the American and European tectonic plates meet. When you’re not in adrenaline-packed mode, exploring charming towns will keep you busy.

12. The U.S.

Hike and kayak in national parks like Yellowstone, go dog sledding in Alaska and go on a food tour in New York or Los Angeles. You don’t have to book flights halfway around the world to experience the best adventure travel.U.S.Vast and varied, it can lead to almost any adventure you can dream up.

Whether you’re visiting Alaska, Hawaii, or any one of the many action-packed destinations in the continental United States, you’re sure to find an adventure worthy of sending a postcard home…even if the home is only a short drive away and not one hour flight.

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