10 Must-Dos During Your Cambodia Adventure Travel


It’s called the Marvel Kingdom for a reason. Unspoiled jungles, bustling capitals, charming colonial towns, radiant white sand beaches, wildlife, nature, floating villages and, of course, temples – you’ll have no shortage of stunning sights to see on your Cambodian adventure. time.

Whether you’re a history buff, an explorer off the beaten path, or just enjoy awe-inspiring sights in the sun, Cambodia has the adventure to appeal to everyone’s taste.

Even more amazing is the relative ease of adventure travel in Cambodia!

10 Unmissable Experiences During Your Cambodian Adventure

1. Don’t Skip History

First, don’t skip learning about a country’s history, Cambodia or otherwise. Knowing at least a little bit of history will make the rest of your time spent on your adventure more rewarding, and you’ll develop a greater appreciation for your surroundings and locals.

Cambodia’s dark history is world-famous. However, they are a proud nation eager to work hard and develop their country as it recovers from its terrible past – and is making great strides. Spending a day visiting the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum will allow you to see the atrocities suffered by the Cambodian people during the Khmer Rouge era in the 1970s.

Other options for a history class are the Cambodian War Museum or the Cambodian Landmine Museum in Siem Reap .

2. Explore the capital

Sometimes the dusty and chaotic capital of Phnom Penh is skipped entirely, while other times it’s added to the itinerary for just a day at the Killing Fields or Tuol Sleng Museum. But your Cambodian adventure wouldn’t be complete without exploring the secret pockets of shopping and culinary delights (oh, food!) the capital has to offer.

Phnom Penh, despite the traffic, is just as fun. For example, the Russian Market area includes not only the market, but also boutiques, a new cat cafe, Cambodia’s only CrossFit gym, and no shortage of delicious food such as Sesame Noodle Bar (serving the best cold noodles), Century 9 (some American and Khmer fusion) and Vibe (delicious vegetarian options and killer vibe).

If you need to refresh from the relentless heat, you can take a dip in one of the many boutique hotel pools open to the public for a small fee or with the purchase of a drink. For dinner and a nightcap, head to nearby Tonle Bassac; options range from Japanese ramen to Indian to Italian and a fair amount of small, intimate cocktail bars. Day two – repeat.

3. Out of town

To learn about Khmer life beyond city limits, head to the province! Provincial or rural will offer a level of tranquility and nature that is hard to find amidst the chaos of the city.

While you may catch glimpses here and there on your way to all the other awesome adventures, why not make the province an adventure of your own? From Phnom Penh, you can join a day trip that will give you a real appreciation of the Cambodian countryside!

4. Live the island life

If your overseas adventure in Cambodia calls for a beach party or reading in the shade of a palm tree, either one is within reach! South of the coast of Sihanoukville are two of Cambodia’s picturesque tropical islands: Koh Rong and Koh Rong Lom. The sand is white, the water is blue, and the sun won’t disappoint!

While the island’s beauty may seem luxurious, no matter what star rating your accommodation has, be prepared for the basics. Both Koh Rong and Koh Rong Sanloem are very close to nature and are mostly very undeveloped. No wifi, no problem! Relax, live in the moment and enjoy the nature around you.

5. Hit the road on your own wheels

Start with the disclaimer here: Safety First! Check that your motorcycle or moped is in good working order. Put on your helmet. Take it easy. And, it goes without saying, but don’t drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

call. Now, let’s talk about the amazing feeling of pure freedom that comes with driving your own wheels, with the wind in your face as you explore a new place by yourself!

While you can rent a scooter almost anywhere, it’s best to opt for a tuk-tuk in the city and leave that experience to cooler places like Kampot or Kep. Plus, Cambodia has ATV tours in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, so if four wheels and a bunch of new friends are more your speed, take an ATV tour.

6. A day on the lake

Not your kind of day on the lake, but fun nonetheless! Not to be missed, you can spend a day visiting the floating villages. Float among colorful houses in the most unlikely of places – in the middle of Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Lake.

The villages of Chong Khnea, Kampong Phluk and Kampong Khleang are easily reached by tuk-tuk (and then a boat, of course!) from Siem Reap, which are further out of town and less likely to be overwhelmed by tourists. A day floating among soaring homes will delight your eyes as it truly is a different way of life.

7. Be a Bear Keeper for a Day

Some of the most precious creatures in Cambodia are the sun bear and the moon bear! As cute as they are, they have unfortunately fallen victim to poachers who are after the much-sought-after bile in traditional Chinese medicine. They are also often sold into the illegal pet trade.

Luckily, Free The Bears works hard against these efforts, and you can join the cause! Become a bear breeder for a day and learn more about these bears, and efforts to save them, and help prepare food and enrichment activities while spending the day with breeders and other volunteers at Phnom Penh Tamau Wildlife Rescue Center .

8. Go back in time by rail

Without the hordes of tourists in Siem Reap or the traffic of Phnom Penh, venture to Battambang, a quiet colonial city with a more small-town feel and cute cafe scene.

If it gets too sleepy for you, get aboard the Cambodian Bamboo Train and grab the adrenaline rush. Originally used to transport goods, most of the railway line is inaccessible and has been out of service for many years, but the Bamboo Train currently offers interesting and unique journeys for travelers to the area.

9. Watching puffer fish

You might think that the rivers that flow through Cambodia and the resources they provide are the main livelihoods of the locals, but did you also know that these waters are home to puffer dolphins? That’s right – the freshwater Irrawaddy finless porpoise.

Although they are unfortunately endangered, efforts are being made to save them from extinction and sightings are still possible. The most popular town on the Mekong is Kratie, which can be added to your Cambodia adventure travel itinerary to see by chance.

10. Get lost in a temple

And , after all, to wander the temples and other places of Angkor Wat. No Cambodian adventure would be complete without it. You can stick to the normal temple tour that starts with sunrise at Angkor Wat, then visit Ta Prohm and Bayon, etc.

Or, go further afield and explore the less crowded but equally rewarding spots of Banteay Srey and Bang Melea. Or , if you want to brag about something really cool (and if you like running too), why not lace up your shoes and run the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon?

Not down 13.1 miles? Don’t worry; you also have the option to run a 10K, 5K or 3K route and still admire the awesome temples around you!

Essential tips and tricks for safe and smart travel in Cambodia

Above all else, keep your safety in mind during your Cambodia adventure.

  • Bring enough cash to enter the country on your tourist visa. It’s $30 and the visa can be easily processed on arrival at the airport.
  • Be wary of people snatching bags and cell phones. If you’re going out at night, don’t carry a sling bag and don’t use your phone on or near the street. Both items can disappear in an instant in the hands of a super-skilled thief on a motorcycle. If you do need a carry bag, make it a backpack.
  • If you need to use your phone, try walking into the establishment or away from the street. That said, there’s no need to be nervous when walking the streets; just follow these guidelines and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Watch out for local scams. This is a good rule of thumb for traveling anywhere in the world, not just Cambodia. Two scams that are prevalent in Cambodia are the ‘milk scam’ and the ‘school supplies scam’, both have the same concept; you’ll be asked to buy something for someone (milk, school supplies), and when you do, when you walk away At that point, the product is back on the shelf and the money is in the scammer’s pocket.
  • Be a responsible traveler. Cambodia struggles in a world of human trafficking and exploitation. Don’t give your money to kids who ask for it (if you feel you need to do something you can donate to a local organization that advocates for human rights) and don’t go to a school or an orphanage just to see them – these are not tourist attractions .
  • Haggled by tuk-tuk drivers? You’ll definitely hear the word “tuk-tuk” from every driver who sits on the street and sees you passing by. While this may feel overwhelming, don’t let yourself be bothered. This is the norm. Tell them no thanks, smile, and move on. While you may hear it over and over, drivers tend to be very friendly and rarely pushy beyond this simple question.
  • If your adventure offers you the opportunity to ride an elephant, don’t do it. The cruelty and abuse behind the scenes may not be obvious, but it happens. Instead, choose opportunities to interact with elephants in a humane way by visiting protected areas or supporting organizations that don’t allow or support riding elephants.

You are ready for an adventure in Cambodia!

Cambodia Adventure Travel Might Change Your Life!

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags! You’ll need light, loose-fitting clothing to stay comfortable in the Cambodian sun and heat. Wearing a hat and some SPF is also recommended. You also need to be prepared for rain – especially in the wet season, but sometimes in the dry season too! Always have a little cash on hand. Finally, approach every adventure with enthusiasm and an open mind.

Can you see yourself now? Tuk-tuk rides from one adventure to the next, with the wind and warm, humid air bumping in your face. The ever-changing landscape offers views of palm trees, rice fields, ancient temples and smiling locals. The city, the countryside and the islands are all ready to give you the best adventures in Cambodia. Enjoy your time in the Marvel Kingdom!

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