what to pack for a ski trip


With winter on the horizon, it’s time to paint the skies white with snow powder and take on countless runs on smooth pistes while praising the snow-capped mountains for the skiing opportunities they offer.

Before you head out to the mountains to enjoy the slopes, however, there are some preparations to do, and knowing exactly what to pack for your ski trip will help you have a great trip.

So, here’s the complete ski travel packing list that will help you pack everything you need for the adventure of a lifetime.

But unlike packing for winter, it’s important to pack all your ski travel essentials. It would be very unfortunate to reach the top of the hill and realize that you forgot an important item behind you.

So use this ski vacation checklist to avoid the disappointment of not bringing that very warm sweater you just bought.

Ski Packing List: Ski Clothes to Pack

Just like packing for winter, packing for ski touring means packing layers for warmth in sub-zero temperatures.

However, keep in mind that you won’t be skiing all the time, which means you’ll need to pack not only your ski clothes but also the clothes you wear when you’re not skiing.

Skiing is all about layering, from a thermal base layer, mid layer to a ski jacket as the final outer layer.

Warm Base Layer – Long Sleeved Wool Top

When choosing a base layer for skiing, make sure your top is warm and dries quickly.

And since it will be your body’s first layer, it should be able to absorb all, or at least the largest proportion, of the sweat from countless pistes, and wool is perfect for that.

Fleece/warm sweater

For extra warmth, add wool to your ski list. It should be warm enough, but also small enough to fit under a ski jacket without making you uncomfortable.

I recommend bringing two fleece or a fleece and a warm sweater – one to wear as a midlayer while skiing and one for downtime when you’re off-piste.

waterproof ski jacket

No ski gear is complete without a ski jacket. While any winter jacket will work well for skiing, there are many benefits to buying a jacket designed specifically for skiing.

Just make sure you buy one that’s big enough to fit all the other layers inside and still fit snugly.

ski pants

Ski pants are a must for a ski vacation. They should be insulated, waterproof and windproof. You can buy these regular men’s/women’s ski pants or ski bibs.

Ski bibs are another type of high-waisted ski pants, usually with suspenders.

ski socks

The best ski socks are wool or “real” ski socks. Wool socks will keep you warm and dry, and ski socks are tall enough to wear with ski boots.

sports bra

Ladies, your stylish Victoria’s Secret bra won’t be cutting you on the piste. Your best bet is to bring a sports bra—something you can easily slip on while exercising, since it’s going to be another physical activity that requires something meaningful.

Neck Gaiters/Neck Warmers

Neck gaiter is the perfect ski holiday essential to keep your neck warm when the weather gets really cold. I recommend choosing these neck gaiters over scarves when skiing , as scarves are very long and can easily get in your way.

Needless to say, the leggings are lightweight and compact, so they shouldn’t take up too much space in your bag.

Non-ski clothing to be packed

As I mentioned before, you’ll also need to pack clothes to wear when you get off the slopes, or just relax in your hotel room, or wander around nearby towns.

  • scarf:
  • Leggings: A nice pair of wool platform pants to keep you warm.
  • Winter coat : Winter coat/jacket if you don’t want to use your ski jacket anywhere else.
  • Fleece or thermal sweater: You can bring a fleece or thermal sweater for extra layering
  • Jeans : Bring at least 2 pairs of jeans.
  • Gloves: Even if you’re not skiing, it’s impractical to use bulky ski gloves.
  • Swimwear : Since most hotels in ski resorts usually have heated pools and hot tubs, make sure to add swimwear to your ski trip packing list.
  • Pajamas :
  • Waterproof winter boots: When you get off the slopes, you’ll want winter boots that are easy on the snow and waterproof .
  •  Earmuffs : Get yourself earmuffs to keep your ears warm at all times and look cute when you wear them.
  • Knit Caps/Hats : It would be unlucky to forget a knit hat when you go to a ski resort.


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